ambersnake asked: "You know how in every single fic Scott is all "eww, TMI!" when Stiles says anything about sex with Derek? I *really* want a fic where Stiles and Scott have totally frank discussions about sex (possibly with a really horrified *Derek* ). Because that's a thing that friends do."



Scott crying TMI is so insulting, and I really REALLY don’t think he would! I’m pretty sure Scott and Stiles talk about everything—and I mean EVERYTHING. Stiles probably knows about Allison’s sex noises. Allison probably even knows that Stiles knows, but she doesn’t care because Scott-and-Stiles are obviously a package deal.

Actually, I think someone should explore what would happen to Scott and Derek’s relationship once Stiles and Derek become a thing. I feel like it would start with Scott calling Derek a butthead and end with the two of them starting a support group for people who have to deal with Stiles on a regular basis.

to be fair, Scott not wanting to know is actually canon — early in season 1, he tells Stiles something to the effect of “I never want to hear that much about you in bed again”.

that’s not to say things wouldn’t change as they got older, or once Stiles was in an actual relationship and wanted to talk about things, but. the idea isn’t out of nowhere.

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Let’s pretend it’s warm today.


Let’s pretend it’s warm today.


so I woke up in the middle of the night last night and in trying to get back to sleep a random and completely ridiculous Sterek fic idea decided to plot itself out in my head (it actually probably delayed me getting back to sleep because I wanted to finish the story :|)

I blame it entirely on this (because royalty aus are really not my thing), and it went kind of like this

Stiles is a prince. he’s in love with Derek, who is a knight (and also a werewolf, because I like when he’s still a werewolf. also with full wolf transformation, just because). Derek loves Stiles back, but they both know that Stiles is going to have an arranged marriage with a girl because he’s the last of his line and heirs and all. Derek is more or less accepting of this (because he’s always accepting of being miserable) and likes to believe that even if Stiles marries someone else, he’ll always love Derek. Stiles has told him this, which is probably the only reason Derek even lets himself believe it.

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text conversation with my father 

  • my father: Are Frazier and Niles Crane related to Ichabod?
  • me: Not that I'm aware of
  • my father: Can you Google it?(:
  • me: I could but I won't
  • my father: Thanks, I love you too




the worst part of creating an original character is figuring out their last name

I go through cemeteries and jot down the most interesting ones.

That’s actually a really good idea thank you

"You're not no one, okay? You're someone. Scott, you're my best friend, okay, and I need you. Scott, you're my brother."